Online Security Tools

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  • Innovative Throughout

    Unique and original web security toolkit

    This is the first and only web security toolkit designed to run entirely from your web browser. It packs an awesome web application security testing framework combined with the power of client-side, browser technologies.

  • Easily Accessible

    Available from the comfort of your browser

    All tools are conviniently available from the comfort of your browser. The SecApps platform gives you a complete web application security testing environment ready to perform at any time and from anywhere.

  • Frequently Updated

    Instantaneous bug fixes and improvements

    All new features are pulled from our servers, providing near real-time updates. SecApps puts a stop to the hectic software update cycle. You can be sure that you use the latest version every time you are online.

Cutting-edge Tools

Tylored security tools that fit your specific requirements and needs

  • only web vulnerability scanner Scanner

    General-purpose web app vulnerability scanner

  • target recon web security scanner Recon

    Target recon and and information discovery

  • http proxy / request interceptor HTTPView

    In-browser web request and response interception

  • http request replay Resend

    Manual vulnerability request resending/retesting

  • vulnerability retesting tool Retest

    Automated vulnerability retesting - unit testing

  • xml / soap / xmlrpc vulnerability fuzzer XMLFuzz

    XMLRPC/SOAP service fuzzing and vuln discovery

  • json service security fuzzer JSONFuzz

    JSON service fuzzing and vulnerability discovery

  • html form vulnerability fuzzer FORMFuzz

    Urlencoded/upload FORM fuzzing and vuln discovery

  • web spider Spider

    Web application security spider/crawler

  • wordpress security scanner WPScanner

    WordPress theme/plugin vulnerability scanner

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